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iPad Review

Why I Got an iPad

Knowing me is knowing that I like keeping it simple. So when new technology comes along, it’s got to make sense for me to adopt it. Bottom line is that it costs time and money to implement new technology.  And because the iPad is so new there really wasn’t allot of real world reviews especially by professional pet photographers so I thought I’d share some of my views on it here, with you. This is not meant to be a technical overview but rather a real life use review.

A Highly Portable Portfolio: An obvious reason is to show and share my various portfolios.  I photograph a broad range of subject matter. In addition to pet photography, I photograph weddings, corporate shoots, travel imagery, lots of kids portraits and have an affinity towards food photography too.  Portability is the chief reason.  I can go visit any prospective client or network meeting an have a broad range of portfolio images to share with my clients.  Next week I’ll be meeting with a vet to show my pet photography to the office manager where I’d like to have some of my work hung.  The iPad will be my ice breaker.  And I don’t have to show my old work either.  I can show my latest favorite images.

The iPad is Green: I don’t know what the carbon foot print is for an iPad, but I can tell you this.  I am no longer printing Collection Guides (price lists) at my studio.  All my Collections are loaded into my iPad as PDF’s.  Here’s how i do it:  I email my Collections to myself and open them in the CloudReaders and iBook software that came free with my iPad.  My Collections  showcase photographs of my work along with vital information to help my clients make investment decisions.    The images are bright and super saturated, the text crisp and easy to view.  The PDF’s can be enlarged with the tap of a finger or made smaller with a pinching gesture.  This is especially handy for eyeglass wearers who may need to see the images or info larger.  It also allows me to keep my Collections current and add new cutting edge products pages or make changes whenever necessary and tailor special offers to clients.

Interactive Tactility: The iPad is a game changer.  Each foray on the iPad is interactive.  So my Collections now become interactive instead of page turners.  Clients and prospective clients alike can interact with the iPad and flip through portfolios, looking at photographic images and even enlarging them to see their details.  Apple has produced a remarkably sharp color saturated screen to view photographic work on.  My portfolio becomes a portable slide show.  I can even embed a short video clip, (unabashedly self promotional stuff coming up….say an interview of myself or better yet a happy client raving about how amazing their photography experience was and where their photography is hanging in their home)  in my slide show using Pages a $9.99 app from Apple.  In effect the iPad becomes a sales tool.

Album Replacement: I’ve invested allot of money on gorgeous hand-crafted leather bound albums in different sizes and styles.  And the iPad will never take the place of these keepsakes.    However, I feel that now I will have to replace my albums less often.  Instead of replacing them yearly I’ll simply slip a new album into my iPad.  The thing is, photographic albums don’t need batteries to be appreciated.  There is a completely different aesthetic and experience.  Especially looking at 20″ panorama in a 10×15 album.

Consuming Media: At first i didn’t get the consuming media thing.  That is, not until i downloaded the ABC Player and watched an episode of Rookie Blue, got the cool Flip Board app and check out a few interactive articles on Technology,  and the Netflix streaming app. from the App. Store.  All of them free.  The iPad really is, IMO, the perfect way to consume digital media.  You can surf, listen, watch, email, Facebook (did you know Hollywood is making a movie about FB?  Fa reals!) and more.  The iPad weighs next to nothing so holding it in your hand or on your lap its comfortable and low profile.  It doesn’t get hot and the battery charge last a very long time.

Road Warrior: The battery life on the iPad is truly amazing.  I’m writing this review on my 17″ MacBookPro (awesome machine).  When I’m doing hard core work, I’d be lucky to get 1.5 hours from my laptop battery.  Next road trip I go on, i’m bringing my iPad instead.  For two reasons.  1.  Less weight.  2.  Long battery performance.  I’ll miss the ability to edit images, but since in normally travel with my wife, she’ll love me more for spending less time on my laptop.  I’ll rely on my iPhone 3GS for any wireless bizz I need to attend to (unfortunately the 3GS has the worst ever battery performance).

10 Things I Like:

  1. It weighs a mere 1.5 pounds but feels like allot less.
  2. The battery lasts for up to 10 hours depending on use.
  3. Vibrant color, crisp text.
  4. Simple controls:  volume, screen rotation lock, speakers, charging port, head phone jack, on off button, home button, but no USB  connection (we’ll get to that later).  You can see more tech specs here.
  5. Highly portable. Slim and compact it easy to throw into a small shoulder bag and go.  Just don’t forget where you put it!
  6. Synched easily with all my email accounts , iCal, all my videos, podcasts and music.
  7. Big screen.
  8. Easy to use.  My 12 year old daughter and 15 year old son picked it up and rocked it.  It’s simply a larger version of an iPhone.  Hence the same ergonomic and technological layout.
  9. Great for Social Media:  Still waiting for a Facebook app for the Ipad so I’m using the iPhone app on it.  Loving the free TweetDeck app for managing my multiple Twitter accounts.
  10. Wonderful for watching movies:  Download videos from iTunes or streaming from Netflix or ABC Player.  The movies look better on my iPad than on my MacBookPro.

7 Things I Wish it Had:

  1. A USB port.  Like the MacBook Air, there is no USB port.  Not sure why, but I’d love the ability to plug in one of my portable drives and upload images into iPhoto.
  2. A matte screen.  Finger prints galore.  Very easy to wipe them off,  at times the glare is distracting.
  3. Ability to charge from my laptop.  My iPhone can do this, why not my iPad?
  4. Lacking the ability to multi-task and make folders.  I’m sure this will be coming in the next iPad OS.
  5. A unified email screen for my four email accounts.
  6. A camera…Duuhope!
  7. The ability to video conference.

P.S. I got the 32Gb, Wi-Fi version.  Bought it from a guy who was selling it below list on Criag’s List.  I felt comfortable doing this.  Last year I purchased a 24″ iMac that was in perfect condition the same way for 50% off list.  Yes, it was all legal, not “hot” merchandise.  The iPad was spotless and came with all the original packing materials, box, and a receipt from Best Buy.  I called Apple just to check and they let me know that they will service it within the warranty period, should anything go wrong and that I could still purchase a $99 Apple Care extended warranty from them within the allotted 1 year period, which adds two years onto the warranty.  I’d recommend Apple Care with the iPad.  I just think its wise insurance for such a thin and seemingly fragile piece of technology.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear your insights, likes and wishes about your iPad or just the iPad in general.

P.P.P.S.  My favorite free app is Dropbox.  Check it out.