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Doggie-Dress-Up for Ko Ko & Lucy


Natalie was so excited to have her fur-babies photographed and I was equally excited to photograph them. If you know Natalie, she is free spirited and fun-loving and has a great laugh. They say that pets take on the personality of their owners and this couldn’t be more true for Ko Ko (named after a large, full figured dark skinned singer),which is a hoot because she’s the little Chiuaua-Terrier mix and Lucy is a gorgeous pure breed Spaniel. If they could laugh out loud there would have been four of us laughing at the doggie antics that took place during this doggie-dress-up shoot! We had a blast together, and I really appreciate that Natalie took the time to pick out a few fun outfits and the famous traveling sweater that she tried to give away to friends so many times (but nobody wanted it, so…) it ended up being a doggie wrap and part of today’s dog photography fashion project.

Poor Ko Ko just could’nt get to these yummy heart shaped doggie treats on her own. She tried and tried but her little legs just weren’t big enough to reach over the edge. So we ended up styling her out and gave her one ’cause she’d worked so hard to try to get a hold of them.

“Dude!  Get off me you dummy. Can’t you see I’m trying to pose for my pictures. I mean really what’s with your hind legs on top of me. Get a grip Ko Ko, it’s one thing if you like sleeping on top of me when your bushed, I’m cool with that. But not when I’m looking all pretty have my chance to be famous!”

Yeah, yeah. I know I used the center image a second time here, but I love it and it just works so well along side the other images.

Now….I know what you’re thinking here. But I’m Not a Piglet, I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!

Repeat after me….You’re Not a Piglet, You’re Not, You’re Not, You’re Not!

For any one who is looking to do a pet photography session in Tustin, this park is located a few blocks from my Orange County pet photography studio.   It also has an playground,  plenty of space to do pet photography and lots of space for dogs to run and a water fountain for when they get thirsty.

For more information on how you can get some of Marc’s ridiculously wonderful photography for your own fur-baby, Email Marc **HERE** or call Marc @ BLUEYEDWAG – 714.617.4081

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