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20 Crazy Facts About Pet Ownership in America

57% of American Households Own a Cat or a Dog

It’s no secret that in America we are crazy about our pets.  Heck their not really pets, they are family members.  For some they are surrogate children and like grand kids they get spoiled and are treated like royalty.  I like how pets are treated in France.  I remember being in Paris a few years ago.  It was a rainy night and I was wandering around Le Marais by myself.  Ended up in a small small bistro for dinner.  Just after I walked in the door and was waiting to be seated, a woman entered the bistro.  She had brought her dog with her.  A cute Airedale all happy.  He stood up on his hind legs and put his front paws on my kahkis leaving his paw prints behind.  No biggie…. I was promptly seated at a table and so was the woman and her dog. Her Airedale was sitting at the table, place setting and all waiting for his dinner!

Pet Friendly Fashion Island | Newport Beach

Just the other day, I was shopping for a new pair of blue jeans at Gary’s Fashion Island and found the perfect pair.  Its a brand that I never knew about before:  Adriano Goldschmied There a bit on the price side but they fit me perfectly.  Previously I always for Luck brand, but Lucky totally changed their fit.  This whole prelude to my experience at  Fashion Island is to point out pet culture.  Fashion Island in Newport Beach is super pet friendly.  Folks go there to shop with their dogs.  Or simply just to hang out, lounge around and people watch.  It’s like going to a dog show on some days.  An amazing cross culture of breeds can be seen.

One of the most amazing foibles most likely attributed to some kind of So. Cal. eccentricity is the use of a baby stroller for “walking” tea cup sized dogs at the mall.  Yep. On any given day you’ll see Prada or Gucci wearing Newport Beach moms or dames, strollering their doggie babies around the inner circle of Fashion Island near the carousel or Koi pond.  Strange but true.  Go check it out for yourself if you don’t beleive me.

I find facts #5 and #6 particularly interesting.

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